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Posted on 09. Aug, 2011 by andrew in News, research

HR Quarterly Index for Australia to June 2011 Available Now

Confidence in the business sector has slumped by 8% in the past quarter. The latest Quarterly Index Dashboard Report compiled by the HR Coach Research Institute has identified, in a seemingly booming economy, signs of strain are appearing.

Alarmingly, this data was compiled before any firm Carbon Tax plan was released by the federal government, thus does not account for the affects of the proposed tax. In light of this, confidence and sentiment in the business sector will most probably not improve in the coming quarter.

Furthermore, job advertisements fell, as did job creation in the past quarter.

The multi-speed economy in Australia is presenting the business sector with the unique situation that has the economy growing whilst at the same time making business owners retreat into survival mode. As a result long term planning and strategy are suffering.

Interestingly employee satisfaction levels within the business sector are higher than those of business owner’s satisfaction with their own business. This could exacerbate already strained relationships.

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Latest HR Coach Quarterly Index Dashboard Report