HR Coach Staff Systems - 14 Day Free Trial

5 Reasons why you should use HR Coach Staff Systems

1. Minimise your Risk. Businesses without the right documentation in place suffer. A simple database will ensure that you keep track of signed documents.

2. Meet your Obligations. 75% of businesses struggle with paperwork and compliance. Staff Manager will keep your processes organised. You can even edit and tailor the documents to suit you!

3. Save time and money. Businesses who are organised save time and money in processing staff documents. Wizards take the headache out of collating forms. Outlook reminders will ensure you don’t miss probation dates.

4. Increase your hiring success rate! Staff are attracted to Businesses who have their act together. Professional colour coded documents provide a positive image about you. Easy to use Interview guides will help you ask the right questions to select the right people.

5. Keep up to date. Reports will show you what information is missing. By using templates for staff planning will ensure you remember to update policies, keep staff trained and audit your documents on a regular basis. Links will help you find the information you need!

So what is a Staff System? It is a complete HR System for small business.

It includes:

 Automated forms and templates,

 Wizards to guide you when recruiting, starting and exiting staff

 Database to track signed documents,

 Reminders for key dates

 Tracking of licenses and training

 Reports

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HR Coach Staff Systems - 14 Day Free Trial

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