Libs release new Workplace Relations Policy

Posted on 10. May, 2013 by andrew in News

The opposition has released its industrial relations policy, pledging once and for all it will not repeal the Fair Work Act.

If the Opposition comes to power following September’s election, leader Tony Abbott has said the Coalition will ‘improve’ the current legislation.

According to the Coalition’s Policy to Improve the Fair Work Laws, released today, there will not be any further changes to unfair dismissal laws or measures to set penalty rates in the first term of a Coalition government.

Key points of the Coalition’s policy

  • The current Fair Work system would remain in place
  • There would be changes to the Paid Parental Leave Scheme – namely, mothers six months leave based on their actual wage
  • Increased penalties for unions and officials to equal company penalties
  • The Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) would be restored to act as watchdog commercial building sites and construction projects
  • Unions’ access to workplaces would be restricted.
  • Removal of the ability to restrict the use of Labor’s Individual Flexibility Arrangements in enterprise agreements.
  • Tightened negotiation timeframes for Greenfield agreements
  • Strikes would only be admissible following talks between parties.
  • Individual flexibility arrangements would be available to all workers.
  • Unfair dismissal laws would not change
  • Recommendations from the Fair Work Review would still be considered

Read the whole policy here.

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